Natural Draft - Fan Cooling
This example is commonly found on sport-fish boats from 30 to 80 feet in one form or another. A cross-flow fan arrangement is used to control the temperature in the space, and the engines pull the necessary combustion air through open areas on the mist eliminators. This system typically uses two or four DC fans, or small single phase AC fans. At moderate to high RPM the fans can be turned off because the main engines are exhausting enough air to maintain acceptable temperatures. Four fan systems typically use the forward fans as intakes and the aft fans as exhaust which helps maintain uniform temperatures at the engine intakes. On larger vessels the fans may be 3 phase variable speed with a control such as the ECV1-T which is capable of automatic temperature management.

  • Simple
  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature is controlled during
    trolling and low RPM

  • Uncontrolled fans can be noisy
  • High DC current draws in some cases
    proper engine operation

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