Mist Eliminators
Salt mist will shorten the life span of a diesel engine. Keeping as much salt water and spray out of the engine room will extend the life of any diesel and lower warranty claims significantly.

Livos Technologies mist eliminators are designed to stop mist and water from entering the engine room. Each mist eliminator is custom designed for maximum air flow and minimum restriction for a given machinery package. Our designers will work with you to design the best fit for your boat, keeping air flows and dimensional restrictions in mind.

There are four mist eliminator drainage options. They are bottom draining, face draining, horizontal, and sump draining.
Bottom Draining Mist Eliminator
Face Draining Mist Eliminator
Sump Draining Mist Eliminator
Horizontal Draining Mist Eliminator
Mist Eliminator Options
Mist Eliminator Mounting Instructions

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